Intex Island With Slide


I came across this pool float while shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club. We have been looking for some fun pool toys for our daughter and this looked awesome! She has been making a “house” with her pool toys, so this was exactly something she would want. Then you add the slide portion and were good to go!

Today we surprised her with it as an Easter present from us. The water was cold, but she enjoyed this slide for a good hour. She loved it!! climbing up the back of the island took a lot of upper body strength, but once she got the hang of it, she was good to go. She loved being inside the island portion and jumping around. The float will move freely around the pool unless anchored. There are two anchor spots, one on the front and the other on the back of the island. We attached a rope to each spot and then attached them to a tree and to a hook on our house. This kept the pool float from going all around the pool and kept it more stationery. It still moved some, but not non stop. This allowed her to climb up one side and slide down the other side without running into the wall.

This pool float is pretty awesome. It will hold up to 220lbs and the “walls” on the side of the float can be removed and used as a pool float. I can see HOURS of fun in our future. The floatĀ is pretty big, so that can be a factor for some, but for our size pool…its perfect.


The Orange and Red parts can be removed and used as a float

The set up of the island was pretty easy, BUT my husband used his air compressor and it still took roughly 30 mins to blow up. There are many chambers to be filled and be sure to start with the base and not the top. This float is really good quality and seems pretty durable. I see it lasting a long time.

My daughter gives this float two thumbs up. She told me its “totally awesome.”


I purchased this slide for $49.99 at Bjs, but they have it both on Amazon and for $45 or less. I choose Bj’s because if it didn’t work out, it would be easy to return and I could have it that day.