Birthday Parties at Michaels!

We have been really enjoying the free classes that Michaels has been offering this summer. Today we went to pick up our project from last week (it was drying) and happened to show up during their slime event. We had already done this event, but they invited us back in to do it again!

While my daughter was making her slime stress ball, I was talking with the teacher and she was telling me they had just finished a birthday party right before this event. I had no clue that Michaels offered birthday parties and asked her for some info. Here is the flyer:



According to the teacher, they have a ton of different themes to choose from and they have something for all ages. They had a party for 12 and 13 year olds the previous weekend. The parties are 1.5 hours and you can bring in food and cake. Here is a link to get more information.

If you are looking for a different party idea, that is affordable, keep Michaels in mind. Looks like a lot of fun!


Contigo Water Bottle On Clearance at Target for $9.98!


If you know me, you know that when I get excited about something…I have to tell everyone about it! Hence me starting this blog. If you know me, you will also know that I drink an obscene amount of water. I pretty much have water on me at all times or I will die. Not really, but you know.

I have jumped on board with everyone else and purchased the knock off Yeti tumblers. I LOVE how cold they keep my water and the fact that they are so large. They do have some downsides though….I have hit my front teeth on the straw more times then I care to share and also its not something you can take with you to lets say the gym or an outing where you want a drink, but don’t want to carry around this massive tumbler.

Target is currently marking down all of its summer merchandise, including some drink ware. The other day I came across this Contigo 24oz Autoseal water bottle. I initially thought it would be great for my daughter for camp. Its a little large for her, but it would keep her water cold and its easy to drink out of. Then I thought this would be perfect for me for the gym. I purchased one for her and one for me and we both LOVE this water bottle! It is designed so you have to push a button in the back in order for the spout to open. Not rocket science, but it makes drinking out of it while driving or running or whatever super easy.


The spout closed


Push the white button to open the spout



The spout open

Now the real question is does it actually keep your drink cold? I noticed ice does melt in it faster than a Yeti tumbler, BUT the water stays cold for hours. I will fill it up before bed and the water is ice cold in the morning. It advertises it will keep your beverage cold for 28 hours.  I have pretty much stopped using my tumblers all together and have switched to this water bottle full time.

I know its crazy to write a post about a water bottle, but I had to share! I am in Target non stop for work and I have seen this bottle in every target in the Boca/Delray/Boynton/Deerfield area. They have a ton, so I’m sure the price will be dropping soon. Currently its $9.98.

The Boca Library

I wanted to do a focus piece on the Boca Library. There are two Boca Library locations: Spanish River (1501 Spanish River Blvd) and Downtown (400 NW 2nd Ave).

I started taking my daughter to mommy and me classes at the library when she was just an infant. Over the years, she is 7 now, the library has become a place we go at least once a week.

I am amazed when I speak with other people and they say they never go to the library! The library has SO much more to offer than just books! They offer an extensive list of free classes for both children and adults. I personally, have taken the 3-D printing class and walked away with my own 3-D keychain! My daughter has taken a lot of the classes, including coding which has been amazing for her to learn. When they finish their first coding class they move on to the next level and I can’t wait to see where this skill takes her. And the fact that these classes are free blows my mind. If you are interested in taking a class, here is a link to all the classes they offer: Classes

In addition to classes, the library hosts a wide array of special events geared towards children and adults. Last week my daughter went to the Magic Show at the Downtown library and loved it. Here is a link to their calendar.

I remember when the Elmo faze hit our house. We had to have every Elmo DVD there was. I started buying them here and there…then I learned that the library had DVDs to rent for free (New Releases are $1). I can honestly say since that moment I think maybe we have purchased a handful of DVDs. The fact that you can rent up to 16 DVDs at a time is just amazing! You can also renew them up to 3 times as long as their are no holds on them. We saved so much money on buying DVDs and now our movie selection is constantly changing.

Another great program they have is their rental program of American Girl Dolls, Cake Pans and Literacy Backpacks. Link: Special Collections (American Girl Dolls, Cake Pans, Literacy Backpacks)

If you have a young daughter, you know the obsession with American Girl Dolls! The Spanish River and Downtown Library both have their own set of dolls and they let you rent them on a weekly basis. Every doll comes in their original clothes and with all their original accessories. They also come with the doll’s book and a notebook that you can journal about your week with the doll. My daughter loves reading the journal. Its such a great experience for them.

The other day we were talking with the librarians at check out and I looked up to see all these cake pans on display. I asked them what that is about and they said you can rent them. I found this hilarious. Where in the world did they come up with this idea?? Ha. My daughter saw the cake pop pan and she had to have it. So we ended up checking it out (side note: the pan has sat on our counter for 2 weeks and we have yet to make anything in it. Ha) But I do love the concept of it. Especially if you wanted to make a specialty cake and didn’t have the pan for it. All pan rentals are for one week (you can renew up to 3 times) and they need to come back in the same condition you received them. They have MANY pans to choose from, but I took a couple pictures so you can get an idea of what they have to offer. Also please note, all cake pans are at the Spanish River Location. If you want to pick them up at the Downtown Location, it will take a day or two for the transfer.


Lastly they offer Literacy Backpacks for your child to check out. They are geared more towards pre-school/Kindergarten age and they consist of a book, a game, a CD, manipulatives, etc. My daughter was to old for these when they were released, but we did check out a bag once because she didn’t believe me that she was to old (stubborn 7 year old!) and I was impressed with all that was in it.

I have only just scratched the surface on what the library has to offer, there is so much more….like free wifi, free digital music through Hoopla, Free E-Books, computers, used book store (Downtown location), conference rooms, event space (weddings, parties, etc), the list goes on….

For me, not only do I love what the library has to offer, but I love the employees. The librarians in the kid section are so patient and uplifting. They always greet you with a smile and are ready and able to help. They have little kids constantly asking them to look up a book by a title they can’t remember, but they do remember there is a fish in it…haha and they do their best to help them find that book. They know a lot of the children who come weekly by name and are always so happy to see us. Its really special. The same goes for the people who check us out up front. They are always so friendly and we have had some fun discussions about the books we are checking out, etc.

Have I sold you on the library yet? Ha! Ready to get a card? Here is a link to sign up: Getting a Library Card

What do you get for signing up you ask? Click HERE to go to their webpage that explains it all in depth…below is a summary:

  • 7-Day books: 8
  • Compact Discs: 16
  • DVDs: 16
  • Video Games: 16

You may borrow up to a maximum of 100 items.

The only downside to checking out things at the library is you have to remember to return them in time! To help with this, I HIGHLY suggest signing up for email alerts!!! Managing my library account online is a life saver. I probably wouldn’t use the library nearly as much if they didn’t have this feature. From home you can put items on hold, renew items, and pay late fines. Since life is so hectic, this is the only way I can stay on top of it.

Let me know, what is your favorite thing about the library?



Five Below


IMG_2129.JPGFive Below is another store from up North that has started making its way down to South Florida. My husband’s family is from PA and every time we visit we go to Wawa first and then to Five Below.

Five Below is a glorified dollar store. Everything in the store is $5 or less. Somethings are cheaper than anywhere else, and some things are the same price you would find in other places. Either way, they have a great selection that includes: Seasonal items, Clothing items (workout, funny shirts, rompers), accessories, beauty, storage, toys, workout items, arts and crafts, birthday party supplies, books, electronics, candy, outside toys, and so much more.


The location I go to is at the corner of Hillsboro and Powerline (behind Chick-Fli-A). If you have never been, I highly suggest checking it out and go back often as the items change frequently.



Wawa in South Florida!!!



Unless your from up North, you have most likely never heard of Wawa. Over the past couple years Wawa has made its way slowly down the state of Florida. In Orlando, they seem to be on every corner now!

After many many years of wishing we had one here, we finally have Wawa in South Florida! Currently there are only three locations open: Lake Worth Rd/Congress, Forest Hill/Congress and 7289 Garden Road, Riviera Beach. There are MANY more in the works. Here is a screen grab from the Wawa website with he upcoming locations.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.58.08 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.58.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.58.18 PM

So now that you know where they are going to be, the question still remains, what is Wawa? Well, in short its awesome. Ha. They are a convince store, think 7-11 on steroids. They have a full service food bar that makes made to order drinks and food.


This is the Food Bar. Look at this line! Wawa fans from everywhere have united!


All orders are done on touch screen and once you order, you take the slip and pay and they will call your number. Even with long lines, they make the food really fast.


They have a huge coffee selection with all the fixings to make your coffee just right.




Or if you prefer…they will make your coffee or smoothie for you…


They also have a ton of grab and go food options.



Another favorite of Wawa is their pretzels. Now, Wawa hasn’t been happy with their pretzel quality in the state of Florida and has decided to pull them until they find a better supplier. So unfortunately, we are going to have to wait for their amazing fresh pretzels. But they are working on it and they should have them in the next couple months. Although they don’t have fresh pretzels, they DO have the hot, stuffed pretzels at check out! If you love pretzels and love cheese… These are AMAZING!!

Lastly, the gas is super cheap. Best prices in town!


Be sure to sign up for the Wawa Rewards Program and receive free rewards for every $50 spent.

So when you see a Wawa pop up in your area, be super excited!

Color Blast!


I walked into my local BJ’s Wholesale today and saw this! This the same powder that they use at the color runs. You get a 24 pack of color for $19.99. As soon as I saw this, my mind started wandering thinking all the fun things we could do with this powder. It would be cute to have a birthday party and where the kids get in a big color blast fight. It would be super messy, yes, but oh so much fun! Then maybe they jump in the pool afterwards….multi color water anyone? Ha! Anyways, I wanted to share that you can buy it locally now.


Barnes and Nobels

Yesterday I had ran into Barnes and Nobles real quick to buy a present for a friend. I was going to her house right after I purchased it and didn’t have time to go buy wrapping paper, etc. Well, it turns out Barnes and Nobles has a really great wrapping area (free of charge) for you to wrap your present and they even have cards! I was in and out of the store, with my wrapped present in less than 10 minutes! Can’t beat that! In the Boca location the wrapping area is by the registers, but check your local Barnes Nobles for their location. Every store should have it.