I love to work out and I love mix it up a bit by trying new things. I recently found out about the LEKfit workout. It is based out of LA and the only way to do the class is to go to it in LA or to sign up for their streaming service (15.99 a month, they offer a 7 day trial). Their streaming service offers two live classes a week and a library full of past classes and individual work out videos.

I bit the bullet and signed up for the 7 day trial. I skipped the “beginner” class and dove right into one of their recent live classes. I am still learning the ins and outs of this program, but it seems there are “bounce” days where half of the class is done on mini trampolines and the other half is on the mat. You are able to do this class without the trampoline, you just do all the running and jumping on the ground. The other days are called “sculpt” which is all on the mat, no cardio at all. Then there is a “fusion” class which seems to be a little bit of everything with some dancing thrown in. I haven’t done that one yet.

The first class I did was a “bounce” class. There is no warm up really. You just jump right in, no pun intended. The first 10-15 mins was a lot of running, high knees, jumping, etc. Then they got off the trampoline and picked up light hand weights and did 10 mins or so of arm exercises. Then they went back on the trampoline for a bit and then the leg portion started. I didn’t have a trampoline, so I did everything on the ground. The leg portion consisted of a TON of leg lifts. I have done leg lifts many times in my life, but never like this. They never stop! lol! She will have you do the same motion for what seems like forever (at least 5 mins) and then when your begging for mercy, she will just change the move and you will do that for another 5 minutes. But you never put your leg down, so even though its a different move, your leg is on fire because it hasn’t rested yet. Oh and I forgot to mention you do this with ankle weights on! Then you do the other leg. After that it was back to jumping on the trampoline and then they got off the trampoline and started what I can describe best as a stretching/dance party/ cool down. This workout was killer and I was instantly sore. I could barely walk for the next two days! Every part of my body was sore. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were sore. It was AWESOME!! I love a good workout where you are sore afterwards! I was hooked. The next day I found an awesome deal on a trampoline and bought it (it comes this week. So excited!!)

Today I did the newest live class recording which was a “sculpt” class. This was done just on the mat with ankle weights and arm weights. The class started out with an arm workout section for about 10 mins and then we moved down to the mat. The next 30 or so minutes were killer leg lifts and planks mixed together. It. Was. Hard. Omg was it hard. You are holding up your body with your arms for a lot of it and your leg can only go up and down so many times. lol. It was so hard, but I did it!! The amount of sweat dripping off of you during these classes is insane.

I am completely addicted now and I even though I can’t feel my legs right now, I can’t wait for tomorrows class. I think I’m going to try the “fusion” class tomorrow. I will report how it goes.

So if your a looking for a really good kick ass workout, this is your workout. It is fun and hard at the same time. What I like is that it pushes you. She never stops. Literally never stops. If you need water, grab water, but there aren’t really water breaks. Your body doesn’t stop moving for 50 mins and its intense!

Here is a link to their youtube page if you want to see videos of what the classes are like: LEKfit

Here is the link to their streaming page: LEKfit streaming

If you give it a try, please let me know how you like it!


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