Contigo Water Bottle On Clearance at Target for $9.98!


If you know me, you know that when I get excited about something…I have to tell everyone about it! Hence me starting this blog. If you know me, you will also know that I drink an obscene amount of water. I pretty much have water on me at all times or I will die. Not really, but you know.

I have jumped on board with everyone else and purchased the knock off Yeti tumblers. I LOVE how cold they keep my water and the fact that they are so large. They do have some downsides though….I have hit my front teeth on the straw more times then I care to share and also its not something you can take with you to lets say the gym or an outing where you want a drink, but don’t want to carry around this massive tumbler.

Target is currently marking down all of its summer merchandise, including some drink ware. The other day I came across this Contigo 24oz Autoseal water bottle. I initially thought it would be great for my daughter for camp. Its a little large for her, but it would keep her water cold and its easy to drink out of. Then I thought this would be perfect for me for the gym. I purchased one for her and one for me and we both LOVE this water bottle! It is designed so you have to push a button in the back in order for the spout to open. Not rocket science, but it makes drinking out of it while driving or running or whatever super easy.


The spout closed


Push the white button to open the spout



The spout open

Now the real question is does it actually keep your drink cold? I noticed ice does melt in it faster than a Yeti tumbler, BUT the water stays cold for hours. I will fill it up before bed and the water is ice cold in the morning. It advertises it will keep your beverage cold for 28 hours.  I have pretty much stopped using my tumblers all together and have switched to this water bottle full time.

I know its crazy to write a post about a water bottle, but I had to share! I am in Target non stop for work and I have seen this bottle in every target in the Boca/Delray/Boynton/Deerfield area. They have a ton, so I’m sure the price will be dropping soon. Currently its $9.98.


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