Brick Fest Live Deal

This weekend is the Lego Brick Fest Live event. It is being held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center and I have heard this event is awesome!

There are a couple different websites offering deals for this event, but the best deal I have found is using the Honey app and purchasing your tickets through Living Social.

If you are unfamiliar with the Honey website, it is a website that helps you save money by inputting numerous promo codes at checkout to save you money. Sometimes there aren’t any codes that work, I would say about 50% of the time I get a code that works. BUT if there isn’t a code, a lot of the time you can get cash back. Or even better, sometimes there  is a code AND you get cash back. For every 100 points you get, you get $1. I reached $1,000 points recently and I received a $10 Amazon Gift Card! To give you an example:

We purchased the VIP passes for Brick Fest Live. This gives us all day access with re-admission, a goody bag, VIP lanyard and also lets us in 1 hour before the public. On Living Social right now, the VIP tickets are $39 ($49 regularly). I purchased 3 of these passes and then at check out I used the Honey app and they found a code that brought the amount from $120 to $97. Then on top of that I earned $6.79 through the Honey website!! Super excited about this deal!




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