School of Rock at Showtime


One thing you will learn about me is that I LOVE the theater! I mean, LOVE the theater! I try to see every show that comes in town (I’m seeing Matilda on Wednesday, review to follow) and I try to make it to NYC at least once a year to see as many Broadway shows as I can in one weekend. Luckily for me, my daughter shares the same love. She started taking classes at Showtime in East Boca in August and it has pretty much changed her life. She literally waits all week for the day she has class. If she could spend every day there, she would. Its has been really awesome to watch our 7 year old blossom in the stage light (yes, I am totally a stage mom. haha).

Showtime has a program they call “Main Stage” that performs for the public every Saturday. The show changes every 6 weeks and the shows they put on are very impressive.

Yesterday we went to see School of Rock at Showtime. I have seen School of Rock on Broadway two times and I fell in love with the music. The score is written by Andrew Loyd Webber and the songs are amazing. I love how the kids carry the show in their amazing talents. All music is live by the kids and the energy is contagious. My daughter saw it on Broadway as well (her first Broadway show!) so she was super excited to see the show.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect because obviously this is a junior version of the show, but WOW was I blown away. The guy who plays Dewey is a guy named Rio Peterson. Not only did he play the lead, but he also directed the show. He came out with the opening song and from that moment I knew the show was going to be awesome. He had the same energy, voice and commitment that I saw on Broadway. Seriously. He was Dewey 100%. Its hard for someone to play that role because they are constantly being compared against Jack Black in the movie. Jack has such distinctive moves and ways of speaking. Rio, did an amazing job imitating him.

Most of the cast of School of Rock is children. So you would expect there to be forgotten lines, here and there….but these kids had it down. They knew there lines and you really felt like they were their characters. A couple of the kids had to play musical instruments during the show and they were very impressive.

Showtime is a very small, personable theater, but it is amazing what they can do with such limited space. I felt they really brought all the aspects of the Broadway show to this small stage.

In the end, my daughter and I both loved the show. There is nothing better than seeing local small theater where kids are learning and growing. I can’t say enough about Showtime and its programs.

If you would like to see School of Rock, there are three more shows left! May 6, 13, and 20th. You can buy tickets here: Showtime Boca



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