Discounted Plants Tip!

Spring is upon us and you know what that means….time to fill your yard with beautiful spring flowers! I have a Home Depot by my house, so I always tend to go there first. But a few months back I had to get something at Lowes and that is when I stumbled upon their clearance plant section!! Now anytime I need plants, I go to Lower first.

The plants in this section are normally the older, not as pretty, half dead plants. But they also could be healthy looking and they had an abundance they needed to get rid of, so they ended up on clearance. In the past few months, I have purchased two nearly dead Gardena plants, a pretty rough looking banana tree, a gorgeous Popcorn Cassia (my favorite plant ever!) and a rose bush. They were all 50% or more off and they have all come back to life and prospered now that they are in the ground.

Next time your at Lowes, look for this section. These plants also carry the Lowes guarantee. So make sure to keep your receipt for a year and if it dies, you can bring it back and get your money back!



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