Smurfs: The Lost Village


This past weekend we went to an advanced screening of the new Smurfs Movie (thank you Girl Scouts for the passes). My daughter, who is 7, absolutely loved the movie.

Over the past few years it seems they are making cartoons scarier and more grown up. The dialog has felt very inappropriate….like in “Life With Pets” where they discussed how they killed their owners…I wouldn’t say my daughter gets scared easily, but she is very sensitive to somethings and some of the scenes in these cartoons can be to much. I have thought to myself numerous times I can’t believe they have this stuff in a kids movie.

ANYWAYS, I was very happy to take her to this movie and for it to be good wholesome fun. There is a bad guy, Gargamel, but he is silly bad. He really isn’t scary. You laugh at him more than you are scared of him. The premise of the movie is that Smurfette is the only female in Smurf village because Gargamel made her from clay and sent her to the village to be evil. But Papa Smurf turned her good and she has been living her happy life ever since. Even though, she was happy, she always wondered what her purpose was. Every smurf has a purpose….There is Brainy Smurf who is smart and Heafty Smurf who is strong, etc. But she has no quality that explains her. One day she sees another smurf like creature in the woods and accidentally makes Gargamel aware of its existence as well. The rest of the movie is a competition between Smurfette and Gargamel to find the mysterious smurfs in the woods first….For Smurfette, she wants to warn the Smurfs….For Gargamel, he wants to capture them and take all of their magic. Who will win? You will have to go see the movie to find out, but I’m sure you can guess what happens:)

Overall its a very good, kid friendly movie that I think all ages would enjoy.


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